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Advantage Tennis Photo site

Publication Sales


The photos on the Advantage Tennis Photo site are available for use by Newspapers, Magazines and Websites under licence. The standard licence can be purchased on-line using the on-line purchase system, enabling you to meet your publication deadline.

If you need the image urgently you must email first to ensure that we are available to upload the image.


The standard licence is for a once only publication by Newspapers and magazines.

For websites the licence covers a period of five years.

The restrictions on this licence are that the image is used only once by the the publisher and will not be provided to any other party for any purpose.

The production of prints from the provided image is not permitted.

The copyright remains with Advantage Tennis.


The licence for the image is purchased by the using the on-line ordering system, when the licence has been ordered, a high resolution image will be uploaded to a website and you will be advised by email of the location of the image for you to download. The licence is listed in the purchase list as electronic image.


If you require a licence for any other use, please email for a quotation.

The image size provided is dependent upon the original source of the image, the following table lists the image source and the size of the image from the source.The image will be provided as a .jpg file sized between 1.2 MBytes and 4MBytes.
All of these image sizes will produce a quality image at A4 page size.
If these do not meet your requirements or you wish to discuss the size please send an email

Image Source Sensor Pixels Size in Pixels Size in Photoshop
35mm Negative scanned   4016x2668 30 MBytes
Canon D30 3.25M 2160x1440 8.9 MBytes
Canon D60 6.3M 3072x2048 18 MBytes
Canon 10D 6.3M 3072x2048 18 MBytes
Canon 1D 4.16M 2464x1648 11.6 MBytes
*Canon 1D mark II 8.2M 3504x2336 23.4 MBytes
Canon 1Ds 11.1M 4064x2704 31 MBytes
*Canon 5D 12.8M 4368x2912 36.4 MBytes
* = Current cameras being used.

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