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I am frequently asked what the copyright notice means, put simply it means that the Photos on these pages are my property and cannot be used without my permission.

Can I download the photos?

You may view the photos on your machine using a Web Browser, but you are not allowed to download and store them on any machine or server.

Can I distribute the photos? e.g. send a friend a copy by email

The photos are for your personal use only, they must not be distributed, loaned, hired or sold to anyone else.

Can I use the photo in a School/College project?

If you want to use the photo in a school, college project, I would expect to be asked beforehand, you are unlikely to be refused permission, provided that the project is non profit making and the project does not involve publication on the Web, or distribution or publication in any other medium.

Can the photos to used to advertise my Club, School, or Universities coaching programme ?

If you want to use a photo to advertise or promote your Club, School, Tennis Coaching programme locally by the use of posters/flyers, then you need to buy a licence.

Can I post the photos to Newsgroups/Blogs?

You are not allowed to post the photos in Newsgroups,or any similar service.

Can the photos be used on a CD-ROM?

You are not allowed to distribute the photos on any storage media.

Can the photos be used in a screensaver?

The photos cannot be used for making a screen saver.

If I buy a photo can I make copies?

Copying of photos purchased is not permitted.

If I buy a photo and have it signed by the player, can I sell it?

You may sell the signed original, but you are not allowed to make copies.

Can the photos be used on a T-Shirt, Mugs, Mouse mats etc?

You do not have permission to use the photos on any other product.

Can the photos be used in a brochure or used commercially to promote products?

To use the photos commercially, permission will have to be obtained from the players agents and in some cases from the Tournament. Commercial rates for the photos will also apply.

Can the photos be used on a Web page?

The Photos on the Advantage Tennis site must not be used on any other Web pages directly or indirectly. If you ask, permission will be refused.

To deter Webmasters from using these photos on other Webpages or using them outside the above permitted uses, I have been advised to set a standard charge for unauthorised use.

The standard charge for unauthorised use is 1,000 per image.

The amount invoiced may be for a significantly higher amount if the images have been used commercially, your use of the image may be audited to determine the amount to be charged.

All collection and legal fees will incurred by myself and my agents will be charged.

The images are protected in the UK by the Copyrights, Design and Patents Act 1998 and by the Berne Convention, which most Countries in the world have signed this convention.


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